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Black Sect Tantric Buddhism & Yun Lin Temple
This is the official site of the Yun Lin Temple and His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche. Find workshop schedules, itinerary\'s, souvenirs.
9 Star Productions Inc.
Deborah Gee is an International Feng Shui practitioner. Her clients include businesses, medical doctors, Silicon Valley executives, television reporters, and homeowners. Deborah is also a nationally acclaimed television producer. She was a pioneer in introducing Feng Shui to American audiences with her TV segment for Arts & Entertainment in 1988 featuring Grand Master Lin Yun.
Katherine Metz and The Art of Placement.
Presenting the teachings of his Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche & Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui.
Nancy Santo Pietro & Associates, Inc.
NSP&A now specializes in the use of Feng Shui design as a "complementary medicine" to support the treatment of all aliments, diseases, illness & emotional challenges.
BTB Feng Shui Professional Training Program
Foremost provider of education in Feng Shui and the Black Sect Tradition
GEO Geomancy/Feng Shui Education Organization
Steven Post. GEO has been designated by Prof. Lin Yun as authoritative in Feng Shui consultation and education.
Feng Shui and Chi Kung Healing Boulder, Colorado
Catherine J. Dawson, - Feng Shui and Chi Kung Healing Boulder, Colorado.
Joan Malloy AIA Architect International for Urban Design, Architecture and Interiors
"Architecture exists to serve people. More than just providing basic shelter and workspace, architecture should excite the imagination and nourish the soul."
Shelley Sparks and Harmony Gardens
Here you will find information about Feng Shui and Feng Shui in the Garden. Author, lecturer, teacher, Shelley Sparks has articles to educate you about Feng Shui.
East West Bookshop
East West is not only famous for its vast collection of insightful and inspiring books, but also for the Peninsula's premier choice for special gifts
Jacob's Musical Chimes
Jacob's magical sounds continue to delight discerning folks worldwide, from the delicate tones of our miniature series to the rich resonance of our traditional chimes
Light Stones
Here you'll find the finest quality Feng Shui products, including cure kits, flutes, chimes, Kuan Yin, Buddha and other statuary, Austrian and Egyptian crystal, gazing balls and much more.
MJE Learning Center
Edgar Sung has practiced Feng Shui for over thirty years and is a Feng Shui Elder Master as well as a Master of Chinese Astrology, and holds a doctorate in Chinese Philosophy from Tao University. He is one of the world's leading teachers of Feng Shui, and the co-founder of the famous BTB Feng Shui Professional Training ProgramTM.
New Leaf Distributing
New Leaf is a business vehicle wholly committed to serving the evolutionary transformational movement, providing services, creating prosperity and opportunity, and being aware of and part of the constant flow of change. We accomplish all of these by providing informational materials and related items that foster learning, personal awakening, spiritual growth and healing in ourselves and others.
Yoga Mats
An established, California-based company dedicated to providing natural, handcrafted products to enhance your yoga and meditation experiences.
Betty Bethards and The Inner Light Foundation
Thirty-five years ago Betty Bethards had a near death experience which blessed her with the opportunity to see that there is no death. Since then she has dedicated her life to finding out what life was truly about. She was gifted with the opportunity to go around the world and teach her findings--her findings that life is school, that we are students and teachers of one another here in this earth plane. She has been going through life teaching the power of Love--not just with words but by example.
Artworks - Dominique Caron
Dominique Caron is an artist whose variety of creative expression reflects her wide cultural interests. She lived and worked in Europe, Africa and the US and has exhibited through more than 30 galleries throughout the US, Canada and Europe. FINE ART: Painting Mixed Media GRAPHIC DESIGN: Illustration
A fine organization
Feng Shui Society
Join and learn
Web Ring
The feng shui web ring - find out how you can join
Creative Space Feng Shui
Katie Grant's professional consultation services will help you create the space for change in your life and set your intentions in your home or office. Katie is based in the Los Angeles area and teaches workshops as well.
Debra Riva - The Art of Order
Debra Riva is both a professional organizer and certified black sect feng shui consultant, teacher and workshop leader. Debra is based in New York City and travels whereever she is called upon to serve her clients\' needs. Debra also offers a very exciting, provocative and fun collage workshop incorporating the principles of feng shui.
Celestial Essentials
Aromatherapy is the art of using Pure Essential Oils to create healing aromas in your home or place of work. Pure Essential Oils are loaded with natural healing properties which when released into the air are inhaled and instantly begin working on your physical and emotional psyche to improve your feelings and well being. Blend several different Essential Oils together in your Electric Oil Burner for optimum health benefits or use a Carrier Oil with Pure Essential Oil and apply to your body.
International Feng Shui Guild
Promoting the Awareness, Wisdom and Practice of Feng Shui The International Feng Shui Guild is the premier professional organization dedicated to Feng Shui. Whether you are a professional Feng Shui practitioner, a student or simply have an interest in Feng Shui, the International Feng Shui Guild is the place for you!
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