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Black Sect Feng Shui

The Black Sect School of Feng Shui is unique in that it takes into consideration physics, psychology, architecture, and design in its Feng Shui analysis. While traditional Feng Shui relies upon a compass, the Black Sect School considers the immediate environment to be more important because the chi (energy) flow of cardinal directions is influenced by so many factors of modern life - i.e., tall buildings, freeway structures, power lines, computers, televisions, etc. So Black Sect practitioners study the changing dynamics of chi by examining the immediate surrounding exterior: landscape, conditions of nature, roads, neighboring structures, building design and interiors: room shapes, angles, colors, and placement of furnishings

 Introduction to feng shui

Have you ever wondered why you feel energetic in certain areas of your home or tired in others? Ever felt out of place sitting in a chair with your back to the door? Felt creatively blocked sitting at your desk? Do you constantly move your furniture, yet never feel satisfied with its arrangement? Rooms and objects exude energy. The Chinese art of Feng Shui (perfect placement) concerns the ch'i, or energy, of rooms, and the placement of objects.

If you have certain goals or desires, you can align the energy in your home or office to help you meet those goals and fulfill those desires. For three thousand years, the Chinese have used Feng Shui to create harmony in their surroundings, to bring them health, happiness and prosperity.

At the heart of Feng Shui is the desire to acknowledge the power of, and to live in harmony with, the natural world. The characters Feng Shui literally mean wind and water and refer to the dynamic effect of these natural forces upon our landscape. At the same time, Feng Shui represents the power of the natural environment, which is alive with hidden forces. By opposing the natural order, the Tao, you disturb the balance of yin and yang, the two fundamental forces of the Universe. Feng Shui literally means "wind and water." In ancient times these elements played an important role for the survival and prosperity of our ancestors. They knew that building high towers resulted in the creation of gusting winds or that the digging of wells could cause streams to dry up. Feng Shui was born out of this observation that the influences of winds and waters could be affected by alterations to the shape of the Earth's existing contours. The ancestors also learned that for their survival there had to be balance to any structure or alteration placed on the Earth. From the study of the interaction and balancing of these forces arises the theory of chi.

According to the Chinese, chi is the most essential feature of life. Variedly translated as "spirit," "energy," "cosmic breath," or as my teacher Professor Lin says, "the real self." Human chi determines our movements, physical characteristics, and personal traits. It is the force that connects us to our surroundings.
In Feng Shui, we work with three different kinds of chi. 1) Earth 2) Atmosphere 3) Body chi to create a safe and healthy environment for its inhabitants.

By effecting often simple "cures" we can bring our personal or work environments into harmony, increasing our personal energy and allowing new possibilities to surface.

I am a certified feng shui practitioner and consult for homes, business, offices and garden landscapes. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.

Marina Lighthouse C.P.
Teacher, Lecturer, Feng Shui Products

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